About Briny Books

How it works: Briny Books is a one-of-a-kind partnership between writer Kerry Clare and the award-winning Blue Heron Books. Each of our Seasonal Selections is curated by Kerry, and the books are sold through Blue Heron’s online store. Titles will also be available for purchase at Blue Heron’s store in Uxbridge, ON, and we hope you’ll stop by for a visit.

In addition, other Canadian independent booksellers will have the opportunity to feature these excellent fiction titles in their stores.

Our selections are focused on extraordinary Canadian fiction published by Canadian independent presses, so that you can be certain that you’re getting a terrific book with our selections—and you will also be using your power as a consumer to support local literary culture. 

A renowned literary matchmaker, Kerry Clare has been setting readers up with great books for over a decade through her reviews in The Toronto Star, Chatelaine, the Globe and Mail and The Walrus, her monthly books column on CBC Ontario Morning, as well as with her popular literary blog, PickleMeThis.com.

Kerry is also an author, most recently of Mitzi Bytes. Her next book, Waiting for a Star to Fall, is coming from Doubleday Canada in 2020. Since 2011, she has been editor of the Canadian books website 49thShelf.com, and it would not be a stretch to suggest that she knows more about amazing Canadian books than anyone else you know.

Blue Heron Books is more than a bookstore. It is the hub for all things literary in the quaint town of Uxbridge and for its many satellite communities. Established in 1989, the store, located 50 km northeast of Toronto, services over 100 area schools and an astounding 27 book clubs.

The unpretentious atmosphere of Blue Heron Books with its comfy chairs, wood shelving and creaky floors lends itself to a long slow, browsing session, but under that sleepy atmosphere vibrates a strong pulse. The store has a quaint, old-fashioned look with an up tempo vibe, because there is always something happening. The store is a hub for the community and a bastion of calm chaos where everyone is welcome, even the local dogs that drop by with their owners for a treat from the tin kept under the front counter.  A hand-curated selection of books to amuse and inspire the discerning reader… A unique, retail chic, shopping experience!


Canadian Booksellers Association Libris Awards
Bookseller of the Year for Canada 2012 and 2014 
Durham Art of Transition Award   


What Briny Books Authors are saying:

Missy Marston, BAD IDEAS: “Briny Books selections are a stroke of genius. I have no doubt that it helped me reach many new readers who knew they could count on Kerry Clare to find them their next great read. It was also a great way to be introduced to like-minded authors and to support a great independent bookseller.”

Amy Spurway, CROW: “Briny Books has created an opportunity like no other. It has given me stylish and engaging social media content to share, created unique cross-promotions, and helped build my presence in the literary landscape. But most importantly, Briny Books has helped get my novel out to a wider audience, and into the hands of more much-coveted ‘dream readers’—the kind who are keen to discover new authors, and in turn help spread the word even further. The Briny Books brand will undoubtedly cultivate a loyal following, of both readers and authors looking for truly special experience. I am so proud and so grateful to have been involved!”

Melissa Barbeau, THE LUMINOUS SEA: “It is not an easy thing to have a book noticed; harder still when geographic distance makes promotion of that book in central Canadian markets much more difficult. Briny Books has provided an opportunity for a book published through an independent press in Newfoundland to reach a national audience. Briny Books has helped The Luminous Sea leap from the far eastern edge of Canada into the hands of readers across the country. I feel incredibly fortunate to be associated with Briny Books at the beginning of what is certain to be an enormously successful venture and hugely grateful to have been onboard for its maiden voyage.”