The Briny Books Reading Challenge

So HERE’s something fun, something inspired by my own serendipitous reading encounters and also by Vicki Ziegler’s recent year-end round-up, where she writes about “reading as exploration, revelation, often deliciously meandering journey, shared experience, opportunity to bust out of staid categories and forge new ones … and more.”

Part of the reason I created Briny Books was to give readers an opportunity to walk less conventional paths as readers, to recommend books that are different from the same books everybody else is talking about, and also to encourage people to think more deeply about where their books come from, and learn how much richer a reading life can be when we do.

This is a pretty low-stakes challenge, encouraging readers to use the library and read books they’ve got at home, but also to seek out books in other places, even curious places. Completing this challenge will be a deliciously meandering challenge, no doubt—and if you’re up to it, please keep us up to date with what books it leads you to. What bookish magic will you discover?

You can get the PDF here.