3 Novel Accessories: CROW, by Amy Spurway

But before we wind down for the season, we’ve got one more instalment of 3 Novel Accessories, which has been the most delightful feature to put together. (See previously: Bad Ideas, The Luminous Sea, and Frying Plantain.) With this feature, we choose items from Toronto-based online accessory boutique Inner Muse that complement Briny Books titles both thematically and aesthetically.

“You know how people say, ‘You’ll laugh, you’ll cry’? You will. And you will.” —The Toronto Star on CROW

Jenny Bird The Jane Cuff—High Polish Silver

Stacey “Crow” Fortune has a tender heart, but she’s as tough as nails, and I wanted an accessory that suited her kickass punk ethos. This is not the bracelet of a woman who suffers fools gladly.

Melanie Auld Stone Slice Ring—Rose Gold/ Black Onyx

But Crow is not only steely—she’s witchy too, and comes from a long line of women with such powers. Onyx stone is a powerful force and helps the wearer during times of turmoil, and will ward against the evil eye.

Machete Grande Drops—Calico

And finally, these gorgeous earrings. They don’t just match Crow’s beautiful cover—but if you, like Stacey Fortune, have just shaved your head, these statement earrings will absolutely complete your look. Wear them to your high school reunion.