3 Novel Accessories: THE LUMINOUS SEA, by Melissa Barbeau

The gorgeousness of Briny Books’ cover designs has inspired our collaboration with Inner Muse, a Toronto-based online accessory boutique. (Don’t miss our first instalment, featuring Missy Marston’s Bad Ideas.) These accessories were selected to complement each book’s themes and aesthetic.

“A radiant debut, [The Luminous Sea is] full of sly wit and gorgeous imagery.” —Sharon Bala

Machete Kate Hoops—Rosarie

The incredible cover art for The Luminous Sea is taken from Ernst Haeckel’s 1904 book Art Forms in Nature, and these hoop earrings from Machete are a perfect match. Even better, they’re made from cellulose acetate, which is natural and renewable, providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based material.


Shashi Caroline Chain Slide

Perfect for a novel about the wonders and mysteries of the sea is this bracelet, which features three cowrie shells on a gold chain. Cowrie shells have been used for currency and charms by peoples all over the world, and represent powerful goddess protection & connection with the strength of the ocean.


Shashi Caroline Shell Necklace

And match your bracelet with this gorgeous necklace, which conjures a beachy vibe, and reminds us of the richness of The Luminous Sea. There is such a generous expansiveness at the heart of the book, doorways onto doorways, but it never grows too strange and mystical and stays controlled, anchored in the physical world, with such attention to accuracy and detail, as scientific as it is richly imagined.