3 Novel Accessories: BAD IDEAS, by Missy Marston

One of the best things about Briny Books has been the opportunity to work with books that are beautiful, and what goes best with beautiful things?

Why, accessories, of course!

Which is why we’ve teamed up with Samantha Dempster from Inner Muse, an online accessory boutique based in Toronto, to style our Briny Books titles with items from her shop. These accessories were chosen to complement our literature for reasons both thematic and aesthetic.

Wildly funny and wonderfully moving, Bad Ideas is about just that — a string of bad ideas — and the absurdity of love.

Shashi Lilu Tassel Earring – Blush

These earrings channel the novel’s retro ’70s vibe, and also take their tone from Trudy’s mother Claire’s allegiance to the shade of cotton candy.


Barrettes- Clouds

Totally cute, and perfect for clipping your hair back when you’re growing your 1970s’ fringe out. Plus the clouds match the book’s cover, and conjure the dreams of a man who dares to fly a rocket car.


Jenny Bird Love Pendant – Silver

Because this is a novel about daring to believe in impossible things—like true love, even, which might be possible after all.