Important Update from Briny Books

Whew! It’s not even been three weeks since the launch of Briny Books, but what a time it’s been. We had no idea what to expect when the project launched because we’re working with a new model of bookselling and learning as we go. 

The Good News? Briny Books has been a success beyond our expectations. We’ve put these amazing titles on the radar of so many readers, made readers think about where they buy their books and why that matters, we know readers have purchased these books in-store at their own indie bookshops (including at Blue Heron and the amazing Forster’s Book Garden in Bolton, ON, who sent us a photo of their display) and best of all: we sold SO many books to readers across the country. Thank you to everybody who has supported this project. 

The Bad News? We’ve sold SO many books to readers across the country…that funds to pay for free shipping have been exhausted. This is the best bad news ever, to be honest. But for small businesses like Blue Heron Books, using Canada Post is already prohibitive, and it’s not sustainable that they pay shipping costs that sometimes cost as much as the item being shipped. 

So what to do? (We’re learning as we go, remember?)

We have decided to suspend the FREE SHIPPING option for Briny Books for now. We will continue to promote these titles, and encourage you to buy them at Blue Heron or Forster’s Book Garden, or to ask your local bookseller to order them if they’re not in stock already, or you can order online through our site with shipping charges now included. Some of our books are also for sale through the amazing indie book retailer All Lit Up

And when Briny Books’ Fall Lineup makes its debut (in October!), we will once again have free shipping on our new titles, but for a limited time only—which is good encouragement to buy early. 

Thanks for understanding, for continuing to support this project, and for everything you do to enliven book culture in Canada, whether by writing books, selling books, recommending books, blogging about books, and by reading books (which is the most important part!).